Welcome to AFE STUDIO, Jakarta Indonesia. We are a recording studio that specializes in music production and audio post-production. Our studio is located in the Kelapa Gading area, designed for comfort and versatility. Founded in September 2016, AFE STUDIO is dedicated to providing international standard audio recordings and music productions. AFE STUDIO is packed with Pro Tools, Apple Logic, and lots of great plug-ins. We have high-quality microphones from Neumann, Lewit, Shure, and world-class mic-preamps.


AFE STUDIO is dedicated to providing the best audio recordings and music productions in Indonesia region. Our control room and live room are acoustically treated and balanced.


Our studio uses high quality microphones and recording gear to capture clean sound and natural recordings.We not only provide artists and singers with a place to record, we also provide them with a producer who can create music for them and / or collaborate with them on songwriting / production / arranging.

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